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All About Me

When I was a kid.

I am the youngest child of a teacher and an employer in a private company.


I am also the only one amongst  my older siblings that had a babysitter, all my siblings grew up with a helper in our house, but when I was born, my mother decided to have a babysitter for me, at first I didn’t like at all, but soon at eight, I paid visits to my babysitter, and I did small chores for her like putting the other children to sleep, cutting vegetables, getting the food ready, feeding the baby while she was praying.


In 2017, my father was switched to a airline for 2 years and the company gave each family a ticket to go overseas, and we got to go to London, my parents went to a boarding school in London, so my dad showed us where he went sometimes, we stayed in a house with my dad’s friend’s house, and when we went to get LOTS of chocolates we stored them in a small room AND IT WASN’T EVEN A FRIDGE, it blowed my mind, because in Malaysia we had to keep the  chocolate in the fridge. We stayed in London for ten days and that was the farthest place and longest time I have been away from my mother.

Year 6, Nora Ashley Steven Andrews.......ENJOY!!!

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